About us

Hedgedog Crafts is a small company dedicated to the principle of producing work that reflects the beauty of nature. None of our produce is mass produced or created merely with a view to its commercial viability. All production is governed and guided by and from the viewpoint of seeking to create something simple and beautiful and functional using natural, sustainable, locally sourced materials. Wherever possible we try to support projects dedicated to environmental health and longevity such as the replanting and regeneration of natural forestation. We believe that by implementing this kind of philosophical framework it is possible to restore that which has been spoiled by the obsession with the accumulation of wealth as the sole target, which overbalances that which is a very natural and in our view necessary principle, that of leading a simple joyful life. That means life where quality and beauty and sustainability are not only desirable but essential quantatives to the goal of long term existence and spiritually healthy life. It is also our view that natural beauty does not consist of 100 percent uniform symmetry or concentricity and for that reason much of our work is drawn up by eye and not by exact measurement. We believe that this approach often leads to a much more visually satisfying result as well as being testiment to the hand crafted nature of the work and a refreshing change from the usual obsession with clinical exactitude.


Used wood and the treatment

The wood we use is fine quality kiln dried locally sourced hard wood from sustainable forestry. The furniture is treated with tung oil and pure terpentine.