Over the years I must have carved countless thousands of spoons. I started when I was about six years old after watching my grandpa carve an intricate welsh love spoon from the broken arm rest of an old deck chair. I stopped for a while after carving a masterpiece with a throne at the top, a moving ball in a cage, a three or four linked chain all enclosed in an encircling grapevine...I had just finished and went to make a cup of tea ...when I returned to my room my pet dog Joe was busy chewing it into a thousand pieces. I think he must have wondered why it was taking me so long. Later in my thirties I traveled the length and breadth of Britain yearly demonstrating spoon carving at medieval fairs and also became interested in the idea that It might be possible to capture something very beautiful in a very simple design, an idea which can be applied to all the arts.  An obvious example is evident in music for instance where the music of  a woman singing softly to herself as she goes about her work can be more beautiful than a very sophisticated piece played precisely and articulately by a big orchestra.


Size of the spoons: small spoons for eating, big  salad spoons, cooking spoons..., Plum Wood, Cherry Wood
Treated with Organic Olive Oil


Small Spoons  200 CZK / 8 EUR
Big Spoons  250 CZK /  10 Eur